Amazing Plank Siding in Kansas City KS

Standing up to Midwestern weather extremes, our Amazing Plank Acrylic siding is wider, longer, straighter, and stronger than any other siding on the market today. At Amazing Siding & Windows KC, we're proud to offer Amazing Plank Siding in Kansas City, KS. This siding is convenient, maintenance-free, and affordable!
Unlike wood siding, plank siding in Kansas City won't rot or flake. Available in a wide array of stunning colors, our Amazing Plank siding in Kansas City duplicates the natural beauty of wood without all of the maintenance that wood requires. Plank board siding in Kansas City is made of Acrylonitrile Styrenic Acrolate, or ASA, which is far more weather resistant and  insulated than vinyl siding.
Independent testing continually proves the superior insulating, soundproofing, and protective qualities of Amazing Plank Siding in Kansas City and surrounding areas. This plank board siding is sure to give your Kansas City home a beautiful, seamless look. Simply put, this product is the best on today's market!


Amazing Plank Siding Installation in Kansas City and Surrounding Areas

No matter the product, improper installation negates any benefits. This is the case with siding as well. Those who have chosen to work with companies that provide inferior siding installation have experienced buckling, warping, or widening of seams. At Amazing Siding & Windows KC, all of our Amazing Plank Siding installers in Kansas City are committed to excellence.

Vinyl Siding, Amazing Plank Siding Kansas City and Shawnee KS
Before hammering a single nail, our Amazing Plank Siding installers in Kansas City carefully inspect all surfaces to be installed for any type of damage. We then make any necessary repairs. For increased protection and to ensure the insulating ability of our siding, we caulk and seal where necessary around all windows and doors.
It is only after all this is completed that our Amazing Plank Siding installers in Kansas City begin the actual installation of the siding. We are one of the few companies that hammer each nail by hand, and our siding installers consider this approach to be a great benefit to our customers.
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